If you are a geek and you are looking for your next fan fiction story to take a read at, then this is for you! If you’re not, then this is not for you so just move along and go about your business.

I love to write, it has always been to me an escape from reality. The thing i love most about writing is being able to create new worlds and stories at my fingertips, my characters can do whatever I want them to do. Below are my fan fiction works.

Current Fics in Progress:

For Better

How did just a regular, boring Starkiller base maid end up becoming Kylo Ren’s secret lover? Alyah isn’t quite sure of how that happened either, but she really isn’t complaining. Until one day, when everything went south and she had to leave the base and hide on the outer rim to hide from him. Can she stay hidden well enough so Kylo’s abilities can’t sense her?

Sorceress and the Captain

Agent Jacqui Rimes knew that her life was a trip. She knew from the moment that she was put under surveillance and put in the custody of Agent Phil Coulson from when she accidentally produced a bit of magic when she was 13. Now 25 years old and grown up on her own, she is in control of her magic and assigned to an interesting case: bringing Captain America up to speed with the modern times. They discover things about each other that they normally wouldn’t say and Jacqui learns more about her birth parents – something that she isn’t sure is a good thing or not.



Just once, she’d like for him to stay.

Charity Work

Natasha and Pepper think its a good idea for the guys to do a calendar for charity. But of course, with the Avengers things escalated very, very quickly.


Zoe Masterson was a high ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, until she was kidnapped by Hyrda mid-mission. She woke up with no memory of anything that had happened and her left arm completely gone and made of metal. What happens when she meets her male counter-part? One shot full of fluff, smut, heart break and romance.

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