If you are a geek and you are looking for your next fan fiction story to take a read at, then this is for you! If you’re not, then this is not for you!

I love to write, it has always been to me an escape from reality. The thing i love most about writing is being able to create new worlds and stories at my fingertips, my characters can do whatever I want them to do. Below are my fan fiction works.

The Assets Series, Bucky Barnes/OFC one shot series

The life of Zoe Masterson, ex-kidnapped Hydra turned female Winter Soldier, and Bucky Barnes, the actual Winter Soldier. From going out on missions to parenting their twins, what could possibly happen?

The Sorceress and the Captain a Captain America fanfiction.

Agent Jacqui Rimes knew that her life was a trip. She knew from the moment that she was put under surveillance and put in the custody of Agent Phil Coulson from when she accidentally produced a bit of magic when she was 13. Now 25 years old and grown up on her own, she is in control of her magic and assigned to an interesting case: bringing Captain America up to speed with the modern times. They discover things about each other that they normally wouldn’t say and Jacqui learns more about her birth parents – something that she isn’t sure is a good thing or not. (Starts after Steve wakes up in New York and goes until I feel comfortable stopping it. Will include Avengers eventually. Rating may change as story progresses. it will be noted in story when the rating will change.)