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My Mental Problems Do Not Define Me.

My Mental Problems Do Not Define Me

This is probably going to be one of the most personal pieces I ever write on this website. It is something that needs to be said and understood by everybody.

We are all human. Humans are imperfect; we all have flaws. Now that you know you’re not perfect, it’s time to explain why other people may not be perfect. Because on the inside, everybody is fighting a different battle with themselves. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re perfect – your battle is trying to live up to that standard of perfection that you think you may be. For others, it’s a much more difficult battle with illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

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happy spring! (hopefully)

this post didn’t come sooner because 1) i am busy & 2) on the first day of spring where i am, it friggin snowed. yes, snow.

i went home on the first day of spring to surprise my mother for her birthday because it is the same day. so i got home and i knew it was supposed to snow, but i was hoping it wouldn’t because it had been decent weather all week. mother nature gave me a big fuck you because it snowed the entire night. but it was gone by the next morning.

this post is not going to be as insightful as the last one. i felt like my last post, which was about fan fiction, was actually really well-written and I was quite proud of it. this post kind of has no point to it, but just to show you that i am alive and hopefully i’ll have some creative stuff going on soon.

what’s new? i worked on the set of a short film all weekend last weekend. i was a production assistant, so i did the little annoying things they needed to get done like put the cafe were we filmed back together once it was done, take production stills, etc. but honestly, it was such a great experience. we worked with probably a $200,000 camera that is used in the film industry and just to be on set and see how a film is made professionally was so educational that i am really happy i decided to volunteer.

i updated a few stories and even put a new one out there. on, i only have Gryffindor Princess up because that one is the most popular there, so I am keeping that there. on archiveofourown, i have up three stories. I am going to be editing my writing page shortly with correct links for each, but my new story is actually a Captain America/OFC fic. i have one chapter published and am trying to write the second. i really want this one to happen because i have such a great storyline for the whole thing and i’m super excited about it.

so anyways, its been really nice out lately. there hasn’t been any to cold of weather lately which makes me happy because it is april now so nice weather needs to really come along now.

i literally don’t have anything actually insightful to say. i updated the theme and i quite like it. i need to add my social media links into the sidebar yet, but i’ll get to that next. oh well, until next time!

– alyssa