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My Mental Problems Do Not Define Me.

This is probably going to be one of the most personal pieces I ever write on this website. It is something that needs to be said and understood by everybody. We are all human. Humans are imperfect; we all have flaws. Now that you know you’re not perfect, it’s time to explain why other people […]

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7 Tips to Writing Fanfiction

Fanfiction can be a tricky thing to write, depending on the fandom. Fanfiction readers are often very picky people as to what goes into the story and what stays out. Some people can be very judgemental, which is why some writers (like me sometimes) are so afraid to post their stories. But I have learned […]


Finals Week Must Haves!

With finals week fast approaching (or already approached, in the case of myself), students are stressed and/or stressing about getting that final exam nailed and out of the way. For most, its about 75% or more of their final grade and can impact if they get the A or get stuck in the B range, […]