about the site & history

missalyssamichelle was opened on August 7, 2014. It is a personal blog for myself, Alyssa. Before I had this open, I was at and shortly after bought a domain with the same name. Unsatisfied with that, I wanted to move on so I bought and made it a resource and blog site. I felt like no one really cared for my stuff so I closed that down and opened this up shortly after.

First and foremost, I opened this site up to document my journey through college. So I had all of that documented for the first couple of months, until I switched over to FusionNews, then I copied everything over and still had it all. In January of 2015 I switched back to WordPress and lost everything, but still I keep the purpose of this blog strong: to document my life through college.


When i first started my web journey, I wanted to find a place that had free subdomain hosting, and Misaki at had that perfectly for me. I upgraded to a domain package after a few months of being with her in about January 2014. I stayed with her for almost a year.

My second host was Kaitlyn at, her plans where fantastic and they were free, so I stayed there for a long while as well, satisfied with that I was receiving. I then decided I wanted to grow more, so I switched over to web hosting by Kya so I could grow my blog platform a little more.

In January 2016, Kya decided she didn’t want to host websites anymore. I frantically went searching for a web host and decided to take the plunge and just get hosted by bluehost, which a lot of people are hosted on anyways. Unfortunately bluehost was not doing for me and I did not understand the hype behind them as a host, so I moved hosts.

I am now hosted at Little Dancer Host under the Hydra package!

tech specs

Programs: Adobe Creative Cloud products.
CMS: WordPress
Operating System: either Macbook Pro 15″ Retina or iMac 27″ Retina Display both on OSX El Captain

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