2017 Reading List

I have a lot of books I need to read and even more that I find interesting and need to go out and buy. I took some time to go onto Goodreads and assemble a bookshelf full of the books that I have purchased and need to read. You can follow me and that bookshelf […]


New Years Resolutions are Useless.

Happy 2017 everybody! I hope you all survived your new year parties with a minimal hangover. It’s that time of the new year where everybody puts out a list of things that they want to accomplish this year. Most of the time they read “Go to the gym three times a week!” or “Start eating […]


It’s that time of the year again.

And no, I don’t mean Christmas. Although that is very exciting for most people, i’m talking about it being that time of year where it’s finals week and I kind of just die. I’ve got no real excuse to say about why I haven’t written – I have 2 posts that are drafts that I’ve […]


DOCTOR STRANGE movie review

The time has finally come for Alyssa to come out of the shadows and review another Marvel movie. Doctor Strange was hyped and highly anticipated by people all over the world. Some of the reasons why it was hyped may not have been the best reason, like white-washing the Ancient One by casting Tilda Swinton, […]


Anxiety & the Young Professional

ā€œIā€™m a twenty year old with nothing accomplished.ā€ This is a thought that I feel is universal for every young professional at one moment or another, whether we are in college or not. At such a young age why do we feel the need to constantly beat ourselves down about the incredible opportunities we have […]

General Writing

Why I Write

Before you read, be sure to check out the announcement from Friday on Guest Posters! I am a right-brained person. What does that mean? It means that I am more creative than people who are left-brained, who are typically more analytical and logical. Being right-brained explains why I find myself in endless day dreams while […]