must-haves to feel great this year

hey readers! (this is an older post i felt like re-posting)

i know this post comes 14 days late of the new year, but i spent a lot of time debating if i was going to make this post or not. but then i decided that the site needed an update anyways so i might as well make this. i would have made a video blog for this if i had my camera on me. but i forgot my camera in my room at school and since i dont go back until the 19th, i figured i would just type all of this out.

anyways, here’s what is gonna be going down:

  • 2015 must-have products that will make you feel AH-mazing!
  • what to look forward to in the new year (music, movies, etc.)

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back to wordpress

i’m gonna regret making this switch, but i also have a feeling that i won’t regret it as well. so here’s the thing: i love using wordpress. its easy to use and you can’t go wrong with it: it is the perfect blogging platform.

i was using FusionNews and that is an amazing blogging tool to use if you’re going to be running a small resource site and not planning on posting any big updates or long posts, like what i was doing. it was nice to use, but i’ll always love wordpress.

i like to provide visual images when i blog, and wordpress automatically resizes them and such anyways for me if i want them to. with fusionnews, i have to resize them myself and it was really just a major hassle. so i’m back to this.

i don’t feel like i’ll regret this, because i love wordpress. i’m just going to be miserable trying to figure out where i am gonna link my affies and where i am gonna put the cbox (probably just on a different page). i want my affies to be on each page but for now, they are under¬†sitely¬†and will be there until i can get a theme with an easily modifiable sidebar. i’m sure i’d be able to figure this one out eventually, but i can get to that when i wish.

i may or may not re-post a few of my older posts that i actually liked, we’ll see. i saved some of my recent ones so maybe i will repost them sometime this weekend when i’m not to excited about the Superbowl (GO NEW ENGLAND!!!!!!)

that’s about all i’ve got going for you now. i’m gonna upload a few graphics and maybe – just maybe – go to the gym.

– Alyssa


the hobbit: the battle of the five armies

hey guys, its another older post that i’m reuploading but i wanted to give a little post saying that i changed the look of the site a bit. affies are now in the footer of my site, you can subscribe to my posts now and you can view my news archive now as well. i might change my layout later on in the week but i dont know yet, we’ll see how that goes. anyways, here’s the review:

depending on how long you’ve been following me (if you’ve been following me since the sweet-lights days), then you’ll know that i am a massive fan of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit movie series. I loved the first two, did my first ever review on the second movie, and now it is time to once again review a movie!

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