General Writing

Why I Write

Before you read, be sure to check out the announcement from Friday on Guest Posters! I am a right-brained person. What does that mean? It means that I am more creative than people who are left-brained, who are typically more analytical and logical. Being right-brained explains why I find myself in endless day dreams while […]

General Writing

Why I Write Fanfiction

Fanfiction. When I said that word, you either smiled like a dork or you cringed. With fanfic, there is no in-between as to how you feel about it: either you hate it and think its a waste of time, or you adore it and you spend hours trying to find new fanfic to write. Last […]

Advice Writing

7 Tips to Writing Fanfiction

Fanfiction can be a tricky thing to write, depending on the fandom. Fanfiction readers are often very picky people as to what goes into the story and what stays out. Some people can be very judgemental, which is why some writers (like me sometimes) are so afraid to post their stories. But I have learned […]