Something New: Bullet Journaling

I heard the term bullet journal a few months ago from a Youtuber that I¬†watch daily and follow. I had kind of just brushed it off as a way to stay organized and never ended up looking into it until now. You’re probably asking yourself: what the hell is a bullet journal? You can read […]


2017 Reading List

I have a lot of books I need to read and even more that I find interesting and need to go out and buy. I took some time to go onto Goodreads and assemble a bookshelf full of the books that I have purchased and need to read. You can follow me and that bookshelf […]


New Years Resolutions are Useless.

Happy 2017 everybody! I hope you all survived your new year parties with a minimal hangover. It’s that time of the new year where everybody puts out a list of things that they want to accomplish this year. Most of the time they read “Go to the gym three times a week!” or “Start eating […]


It’s that time of the year again.

And no, I don’t mean Christmas. Although that is very exciting for most people, i’m talking about it being that time of year where it’s finals week and I kind of just die. I’ve got no real excuse to say about why I haven’t written – I have 2 posts that are drafts that I’ve […]

General Writing

Why I Write

Before you read, be sure to check out the announcement from Friday on Guest Posters! I am a right-brained person. What does that mean? It means that I am more creative than people who are left-brained, who are typically more analytical and logical. Being right-brained explains why I find myself in endless day dreams while […]


Introducing: Guest Posters!

I’m an extremely busy person. Most days I barely have time to breathe pretty much. So on top of my work for classes, daily vlogging, & blogging three times a week, it all gets pretty stressful and usually this blog gets put on the back-burner. Ladies, and gentlemen, I may have finally come up with […]