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Finals Week Must Haves!

With finals week fast approaching (or already approached, in the case of myself), students are stressed and/or stressing about getting that final exam nailed and out of the way. For most, its about 75% or more of their final grade and can impact if they get the A or get stuck in the B range, like myself. Everybody deals with finals week differently than the next, but I’ve got 5 things that I think a typical college student (like myself) should have by them at all times for finals week. Here are my Finals Week Must Haves!

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The 10 Things I Have Learned In my First Year at College

As my first year at college draws to a close, I learned. I knew that going into college would require an open mind and the willingness to learn new things and have new experiences. I’ve discovered multiple things about college in my first year that are going to make the next three years so much easier for myself, and hopefully these next few things will help anybody else who is entering college as well.

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