What is it with Junior Years?

Seriously – what is it with Junior Years of school just being 20x more difficult than the other three? Freshman years are always a little difficult because you’re adapting, sophomore years you tend to slack off a little bit. But Junior years are straight up HELL. Like, what is the difference between them?? I guess this […]

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The Absentee Blogger

Hi. It’s been a while and I am aware of how long it has been. In my eyes, it has been way to long since I have made this website a first thought in my mind. Everything has been so focused on being a better daily vlogger and establishing myself on Youtube that I have […]

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Life gets us sometimes.

And thats okay. It’s okay to completely forget about your blog every once in a while; because it means that you’re focusing on other things. I don’t like to think it’s good to focus on one thing for at least to long. It’s good to drop something for a little bit and move onto something […]