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What is it with Junior Years?

Seriously – what is it with Junior Years of school just being 20x more difficult than the other three? Freshman years are always a little difficult because you’re adapting, sophomore years you tend to slack off a little bit. But Junior years are straight up HELL. Like, what is the difference between them??

I guess this post is an attempt to excuse myself from barely blogging at all. I had a REALLY solid schedule up over break. The problem is that I fell behind once I got back to school with writing them to be published. I would try to catch you up on anything that’s happened, but the reality is nothing has happened.

This is the first time in my college career that I actually feel like a stereotypical college student: swamped with so much work they can barely do anything. There’s just so much work that’s being piled up that it’s making it hard for me to do things that I enjoy: blogging and vlogging.

I miss daily vlogging. It was a fun way for me to rant and have no one really judge me and blogging is where I can do the same thing in a written form.

This gets me thinking: is college really worth it if you can’t do things that you enjoy? Its supposed to be the best 4 years of your life but if you’re swamped in so much work that you don’t want to do anything you enjoy because you’re so unmotivated is it really worth it?

Time will tell. That’s all for my nonsense.

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The Absentee Blogger


It’s been a while and I am aware of how long it has been. In my eyes, it has been way to long since I have made this website a first thought in my mind. Everything has been so focused on being a better daily vlogger and establishing myself on Youtube that I have forgotten about this website, and that saddens me. I have no intention whatsoever to leave this website to die and to just leave the domain to expire.

Here’s a low-down on what has happened since the last time I properly posted:

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10 New Things I’ve Learned While Being At College

On April of last year I made a post ‘10 Things I Have Learned in my First Year of College‘. In an effort to get back to writing about college and my experience (which is the whole point of me blogging), I’m going to do an updated version of the list where some things may be different and some may be the same. I’ll try to make the points in this post reflect points in the old post so we can see how much my opinions have changed over the year. Without further ado, here are 10 New Things I’ve Learned While Being at College!

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Life gets us sometimes.

And thats okay. It’s okay to completely forget about your blog every once in a while; because it means that you’re focusing on other things. I don’t like to think it’s good to focus on one thing for at least to long. It’s good to drop something for a little bit and move onto something else and come back to it later.

However, it is not okay to make a post saying that you will be more active and then leave your blog for three weeks. Why haven’t I posted? I have no clue. It’s not like I don’t have time in my life to post, because I have plenty of time between classes and homework and social life and going home to work, believe it or not. I haven’t had any damn ideas!

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How to Organize After Moving Out of College

My first year at college, I brought a lot of things that I did not need at all. To many clothes, shoes, towels, etc. that just cluttered up my room and drove me nuts. Now that i’m home, its time to get cracking and organize what I am going to keep packed for move in day and what I am going to ditch! Here is my guide on how to organize after moving out of college!

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