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Wonder Woman Review

Wonder Woman made her silver screen debut in Batman V Superman for a total of 20 minutes of screentime. It was 20 minutes of beautiful screentime that was easily the best part of the whole movie. Finally, she was able to let her light shine in her own movie and boy, it was just fantastic. It definitely wasn’t what I expected. Wonder Woman is so much more than just a superhero movie. Wonder Woman is breaking box office records and director Patty Jenkins is getting the recognition she deserves. She is the first female director to direct and make a superhero movie of this scale.

It is amazing. Not only the movie, but the impact that it has on the world already. It’s shocking, but people are surprised that Wonder Woman is doing so well. She needed to get her time on the big screen, and she got it just when we needed it most. If you need a refresh as to how awesome this movie looked, here’s the trailer.

As always read my spoiler warning before proceeding.

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